The Disruptive Tech Ecosystem For Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs




We’re building the most powerful transformation accelerator in the world! By combining a high-value community of disruptive tech entrepreneurs, creators, and insiders with a network of vetted resources and partners uniquely prepared to support innovative startups, COLR provides members with everything they need to disrupt industries and transform society. Whether you’re preparing for a big exit, growing a successful startup, or just getting started, COLR provides members with the tools, resources, and connections to realize their visions.

  • Discover specialized resources to save time and money
  • Connect with strategic partners to accelerate growth and impact
  • Network with other visionaries to learn, share, and collaborate


Brian Nelson

Founder of Creators of Last Resort

Lauren deLisa Coleman

Founder of LNK Agency, Speaker, Writer

DP Prakash

Co-CEO of Youtopian

Marissa Brassfield

Co-Creator of a360 and CEO of Xploration Centre Collective

Steve Heller

Co-Founder and CEO of Sugarhouse Aerospace

Tim Mullen

CEO and Research Director of Intheon

Lincoln Cannon

Founder and CEO of Thrivous

Sam Smith

General Partner at Digital Trust Ventures

Andy Timm

CEO of CrucibleWorx

James Jensen

Co-Founder of The Void

Raghu Misra

Founder and CEO of Wired2Perform

Derek Lundsten

CEO of LifeGuides

Cole Winans

Founder and CEO of Flyreel

Paul Hickey

Angel Investor and Fundraising Coach

Amy Peck

Founder and Board Member of EndeavorVR

Roger Spitz

Founder of Techistential, Chairman of Disruptive Futures Institute

Wil Bown

Founder and Chief Architect of Neureal

Don Weidner

Founder of Formidable Ventures

Michael Bloxton

Founder of Stealth Space Startup

Gordy Bal

Founder and CEO of Conscious Thought Revolution


COLRs are creators and entrepreneurs who harness social trends and leverage disruptive technologies to transform the human experience. If you’re hellbent on using disruptive technologies to find solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges, create alternative power structures, dethrone industry leaders, or reshape the fundamental systems of society, then you’re a COLR.

Values creation over pontification

Talking about the challenges facing our world is fine, but you’re more interested in creating solutions.

Relentlessly creates

Creation is baked into your DNA. You’re not just along for the ride, you’re an active creator of your own reality.

Builds out of uncertainty

You see opportunities where others see challenges and you’re determined to harness the power of technology to make a positive impact on humanity.

Creates intrinsically

You create for you, but you understand that your creations can bring value to others. COLR is where your personal creations can be discovered by the people who will benefit most from your work.

Transforms chaos into creation

You’re an alchemist of the future, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, unfazed by the ambitious nature of your work.

Explores new frontiers

The emergence of exponential technologies has created a new frontier, ready to be explored. You’re the pioneer blazing the path forward and transcending the impossible.
Although technology alone can’t solve all of our problems, it’s clear that technological innovation has massively improved the human experience. Those who rise to be the authors of the future can use these innovations to solve our greatest challenges and create a world of abundance in the process.


Investor Networks

Raising money as a disruptive tech entrepreneur can be a real pain. Many investors don’t have the knowledge or experience required to deploy capital to startups pushing the limits of possibility. The investors we source for COLR won’t waste your time or string you along. They’re experienced investors in radical innovation.

Types of Investor Networks

  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Investment Groups
  • Corporate Venture Capital

Strategic Partnerships

Enterprises around the world are doubling down on innovation initiatives and rely on external creators and startups to accelerate their efforts. Get noticed by these companies and plugged into opportunities for strategic partnerships.

Types of Strategic Partnerships

  • R&D Programs
  • Innovation Hubs
  • M&A Departments
  • Enterprise Clients

Specialized Business Resources

Most service providers lack the knowledge and expertise to properly serve visionary entrepreneurs. We handpick providers with the specialized knowledge and experience to address your unique needs. Working with these providers will save you money and accelerate your time to market.

Example Resource Categories

  • Legal/Compliance
  • Technical Development
  • PR and Marketing
  • Insurance
  • Banking

Member Promotion

To fulfill the purpose of COLR, we’re focused on driving attention to the important work you’re doing. We’re building a full network of promotional channels to promote you and your work to the world. 

*Don’t worry. If you’re in stealth mode, we won’t include your work.

Promotional Channels

  • Social Media
  • COLR Podcast
  • COLR Blog
  • Syndicated Articles

COLR Community

Humans are tribal by nature and the COLR Community is the tribe for disruptive tech entrepreneurs. Whether you just want to share ideas and collaborate with other visionaries or you’re looking for partners, employees, or early adopters, the COLR Community is the place to be.

Community Features

  • Connect with other disruptive tech entrepreneurs, creators, and insiders
  • Discover business partners
  • Learn, share, and collaborate


We’re working with an amazing group of innovators and visionaries to create a value-packed network for disruptive tech entrepreneurs, but the reality is, we’re just getting started and need your help. By registering now, you’re helping to define our roadmap and fuel our passion for supporting the entrepreneurs disrupting industries and transforming society. To show you some love and appreciation for your help, you’ll get early access to the COLR network and 1 year free membership in the COLR community.




Registering for COLR is free, but if you’re interested in receiving priority level Member Benefits and being recognized as an early supporter, the COLR Founding Member option is for you.




COLR is a startup network and community for disruptive tech entrepreneurs, creators, and insiders. Creators of Last Resort are hellbent on using disruptive technologies to find solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges, create alternative power structures, dethrone industry leaders, or reshape the fundamental systems of society. They’re transforming the world through the development and implementation of radical technologies.

Creating the future is hard work. COLR was created to provide you with everything you need to make your journey easier.

  • Connect with other visionaries
  • Increase awareness of your work
  • Find the funding you need
  • Learn about specialized resources that fuel innovation

COLR has two parts, the Startup Network and the Community.

Startup Network

While COLR is being developed, we’ll use email to connect you to vetted, high-quality partners and resource providers that are uniquely positioned to fuel your work. These partners and providers have the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to drive awareness of your work, increase your speed of development, and get your startup funded. After our official launch, the Support Network will become a platform where members can find these strategic partners and resource providers as well as list their startups and projects to be found by anyone who searches the site.


The community is where members learn, share, and collaborate with other visionaries.

COLR membership, including access to the COLR Startup Network and Community, is $20/mo. However, those who register for membership during the pre-launch phase will receive free access for one year and Founding Members will receive free lifetime access.

The one year clock doesn’t start ticking until we officially launch the COLR Community. We’ll let you know when the time officially starts.

Founding Memberships are only available during the pre-launch phase.

Founding Members get FREE membership to COLR for life as well as priority access to all member benefits.

Founding Members are also recognized with a Founding Member COLR badge to signify their early support of COLR.

COLR was created to support you, the radical innovator. We promote your work through:

  • Social Media Posts
  • COLR Podcast
  • Syndicated Articles
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Promotion to Event Organizers

COLR members will also be able to list themselves, their projects, and their startups in directories on the COLR website. We will promote the directories to the world. These directories will become a key resource for investors, corporate innovation hubs, and news outlets.

Free and discounted access to:

  • Technical development tools
  • Business services
  • Event registrations
  • Marketing tools
  • Amplification services

This page was created as a pre-launch site to get things rolling as we build out the COLR platform. By joining COLR, you’re helping direct the development of the platform. Thank you!

We hope to have the full COLR platform ready for primetime shortly. In the meantime, many of the member benefits will be delivered via email. You can expect to begin benefiting from your membership prior to our official launch.